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Florists: Get the Most Out of Proms

Get the Most Out of Proms

Sharon McGukin

Author of Flowers of the Heart

This prom season, take steps to lead the dance in your area with the fashionable look of floral bling and listen to your cash register sing! For years, the traditional style of prom wristlets remained the same while styles of dress, hair and attitudes changed. Florists need to follow fashion to keep prom flowers from being replaced with trendy accessories. Make a checklist now of ways to update your prom personality this year.


Organize and advertise to increase sales

Develop a prom network with a local dress and tux shop, photographer, restaurateur, etc. Advertise your specialties in a prom newsletter that includes cool tips on prom fashion, floral accessories, etiquette, and more. Print your logo on prom T-shirts to give to the earliest orders. Write an article with photos for your local community and school newspapers about the latest in prom floral fashion. Present informative programs to school groups about how to budget for prom and always include flowers. Create interesting window and cooler displays with a glitzy prom theme. Plan an in-store contest and give the winner free prom flowers.


Make it fun and easy to buy flowers

Make buying flowers a pleasurable experience for prom kids and you have the opportunity to enlist new customers. This may be their first floral purchase. Enthusiasm is contagious so share yours and make it fun to visit your shop to buy flowers. Help them to feel comfortable and confident placing the order. Teenagers have money to spend so encourage buying flowers for gifts all year with your trendy ideas. Remember that prom kids grow up to plan weddings, buy homes and live lifestyles that include flower buying occasions. Capture their interest now with flowers they enjoy giving to their date and they will come back.


Create in-store sales excitement

Develop a menu of designs and prices. Create storyboards of available colours, accessories, and design styles along with photos that identify flowers. Include floral jewellery such as Corsage Creations Sparkling Treasure, Rock Candy, Diva or Sophisticated Lady bracelets in your display to increase impulse sales. Offer a variety

of decorative add-on options to customize designs. Organize a prom party for ordering in advance. Display prom accessories and fresh flowers, send out invitational flyers, order pizza, turn the music up and assist them in making selections. Encourage prom couples to coordinate a look by shopping together and to bring along their friends. Pull from stock the items they choose and attach to their order to prevent overselling. Require payment in advance. Give a numbered receipt with assigned time for the day of pick up and be sure to get their cell phone number in case they forget. Remind them of your shop hours for that day.


Differentiate your product with style

Start with the glitz and glam of a bling bracelet. boutonniere, or choker. Corsage Creations has a line of great colours and styles to choose from. Visit and order early to have styles on hand for instant purchase. While these design products are inexpensive to buy, they are easy to up-sell as keepsake jewellery and make great impulse buys. Encourage girls to bring their prom dresses in to be custom matched for colour and style.


Design wristlets that are comfortable to wear

Remember young girls often have very small wrists. Be sure the flowers are in proportion to the design as well. Small long lasting flowers are favourites for these designs such as individual blooms of spray roses, small tea roses, dendrobium or cymbidium orchids, alstroemeria, daisies, mini carnations, and hypericum. Don’t forget to suggest matching boutonniere holders for guys.


Set up a production line

Some designers prefer to glue while others feel more secure with wiring in place. Corsage Creations covers both techniques. A small plastic disk sits atop the wristlet creating a secure place to glue the flowers with cold  adhesive glue. A 1/8” width ribbon is incorporated so that the design can be tied on for extra security. Beads can be added to wires that are tied through the bracelet itself to add extra sparkle. A PVC pipe, the diameter of the bracelets, can be placed inside a row of bracelets to glue many at one time saving labour costs as you mass

produce. Spray with a topical floral preservative such as FloraLife® Finishing Touch  and allow to dry before packaging them for the cooler. Add a note of congratulations to the lucky recipient saying these flowers were custom designed by your shop especially for them. Organize in your cooler alphabetically and by assigned pick up times. To win their hearts on prom morning, set out boxes of donuts and bottles of water in the pick up area where they sleepily wait in line for their flowers.

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5 trends you’ll need this season: your SS:18 trend forecast


We travel the globe to source unique design tools and accessories, all with florists and event planners in mind, so we’re often first to spot the latest industry trends and innovative new ideas.

Our new catalogue is landing on doorsteps up and down the UK this week (flick through online here), and we hope that our 2018 collection will tick all the boxes; whether you’re adding special touches to florals, in search of clever cost-effective ideas or in need of innovative tools to save time and money.

Make Ultra Violet go the extra mile

Global trend experts have spoken, and purple has officially been crowned the colour of 2018. Since Pantone named Ultra Violet its Colour of the Year, designers around the world have included purple in their predictions; and we’ve a huge host of products in a similar shade – see our full selection of purple products here.

Check out our brand new glitter lilac butterflies on a wire, and in the classic range you’ll find a variety of purple corsage bracelets, brooches and feathers. Plus, in perfect purple we’ve got Kara’s Kisses, bling it on stickers, metallic wire, amazing wraps, faux rose petals, satin ribbon and more. Take full advantage of the trend and get your hands on our stunning, ready-made purple everlasting brooch bouquet while stocks last, at its lowest price!

1 corsage creations florist tips flowers floristry ultra violet


More, more, more rose gold

2017 was a rose gold frenzy, in the jewellery world and beyond. It’s a trend set to stick around so we’ve added a rose gold option to a number of our most popular product lines, see the full selection here. It includes brooches like favourites Heirloom and Aurora, as well as our chair backs, amazing wraps, diamante branches and rhinestone quintets, pearl sprays and loops, plus buttonholes, corsage bracelets and our gleaming and lacey leaves – perfect for adding a subtle gleam to all sorts floral designs.
2 corsage creations florist tips flowers floristry rose gold


Go faux

With quality increasing at a spectacular rate, silk flowers have become increasingly popular over recent years and are no longer shunned as an ugly alternative – even favoured by stylists, interior designers and fashion mags for certain occasions. We’ve expanded our range of faux flowers and foliage to include a host of ivy, cherry blossom and anemone (coming to the web-shop soon), and all are an extremely cost-effective way to transform a venue. Another popular option is scattering petals, so we’ve just added a new line of romantic colours to our silk range, including grey, blush pink, wisteria, pure white and burgundy.
3 corsage creations florist tips flowers floristry go faux



Animals incorporated into design are predicted to be big this year (from Pulbrook & Gould’s safari wreath to ‘grammable wildlife ceramics and luxury bird-cage lampshades) so you’ll find new feathered friends in our collection including a thrush and blue tit – perfect for replicating the top interior trend. Plus, our colourful butterflies have had a glittery makeover, and we’ve launched a line of ladybird pegs and stickers, great for making orders more memorable.

4 corsage creations florist tips flowers floristry animals


Little trend-setters

We’re especially excited about our large new line of children’s corsage bracelets – created especially for little wrists, they offer a great add-on sale for wedding bookings so that even the smallest of bridesmaids can take to that aisle like a catwalk.

5 corsage creations florist tips flowers floristry little wrists children bracelets


See the catalogue

We’ve added too many new products to list them all here, so browse the full webshop, flick through the catalogue online or order one in the post.

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Florists: School Prom Introduction Letter

Here’s a good way to get in contact with your local school or college. This letter will provide a starting point for future communications with the schools and colleges in your area.

Your 2010 Prom is coming up on _______________, 2010.

This is an important date for both of us. Your students rely on us to provide the beautiful, unique and creative flowers which provide the perfect accent to their prom dress or tuxedo for this special event in their school career.

We are always evaluating how we can provide new and unique ways to help in our community.  Each year we are asked by the school and the students to help support our community by donating materials, ads or a monetary contribution to the school yearbook, events and various functions.

This year we would like to offer you a fund raising opportunity in conjunction with your upcoming Prom for 2010.

We would like to arrange with you a way to donate a portion of our corsage sales to help support your upcoming Prom.  Our proposal is to donate XX% of our Prom flower sales to the Prom Committee or After Prom Committee or some other student related fund.  If none of these are suitable, please let us know which organization can benefit from this donation.

As a way of maximizing our donation and providing the best service we would like to arrange a time to come to the school and show the students some of our Prom flower offering for this season

I can assure you this will be done in a very professional manner.  We will bring in beautiful samples and some very unique displays that show the different types of wristlets and boutonnieres that we have to offer for this season.

This year, we have also added to our assortment by carrying a line of Corsage Creations Flower Bracelets and Boutonnieres.  The very unique benefit Corsage Creations products offer is that after the prom, the flowers can be removed and the beautiful keepsake bracelet or boutonniere can be saved to either wear again on another special event or to keep in a special place as a memento of the Prom.

I will follow up with you to discuss a time for us to come and provide this unique service for the students at your school.  I look forward to working with you so that we can help make Prom 2010 the best one ever.

Download: School letter of introduction(microsoft word format)

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Florists: How to Make a Corsage

Gluing Tips Using Corsage Creations Flower Bracelets

Gluing can be an easy and profitable alternative to time consuming wiring and taping. Personally, I can create a corsage on a Corsage Creations Flower Bracelet using glue in about three minutes, and many designers using these techniques are able to design beautiful corsages in about five minutes. The first step is the willingness to try!!!

Add bows, beads, wires and flowers easily using the preattached flexible plastic disk.

A great problem within the industry is designers using the incorrect glue. When I began gluing I mistook plastic modelling cement as the correct glue. Many others use pan melt glue that breaks off after being in the cooler. The correct glue I use is Oasis ® Floral Adhesive. To use the glue, pour a small amount out on a disposable surface. By taking the glue from a surface and not from the tube, the drying time is shortened. Remember, glue is cheap in comparison to a returned design, so use plenty.

The corsage will be created with four major components, a Corsage Creations Flower Bracelet, spray roses, filler, and greenery. First, cut the calyx flat on the first two roses to create a large surface area for the glue to adhere to. Glue the first two roses together in the middle of the Corsage Creations Flower Bracelet disk.

Next, cut the second pair of roses at an angle. Glue them in a similar position as you would with wired and taped flowers.

Add the remaining roses by gluing them into the sides of the corsage. See the familiar look of a wired corsage?

For the last of the florals of the design, add filler flowers and greenery to the Corsage Creations Flower Bracelet corsage. These are glued in to the areas that need a little extra to fill out the design.

Finish your design by adding Kara’s Kisses and other embellishments as you see fit. Allow the glue to dry outside of the cooler, as it will not inside. Remember to use Floralife® Finishing Touch on the corsage. Deliver to your customer and watch the profits grow!!!!

Download here: Gluing Tips Using(Microsoft Word Format)