July 27th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

The results: how much you charge for buttonholes & corsages

About the participants 


What type of floristry businesses do they run?

  • The majority (64%) of participants own flower shop premises and offer all kinds of floristry including impulse buys and same day orders.
  • The second largest proportion (21%) work from home and only offer events and pre-booked work.
  • 9% of participants work from studio premises and offer all kinds of floristry including impulse buys and same day orders.
  • 5% of participants are event florists only and work only from a studio.


Whereabouts are they based?

  • Below you can see a pie chart showing where our survey responders are from.
  • The areas with the largest number of responders are North West, South East and South West of England.


Are they working in a city, town or rural area?

  • The majority of responders (60%) are based in a town, around a quarter (26%) are based in a rural area, while the fewest amount are in a city (15%).



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The scale of their businesses

How many buttonholes do they sell per year?

  • The largest chunk of responders (21%) sell 100 to 200 buttonholes per year. Hypothetically, if they’re making an average of five buttonholes per wedding, that means they’re doing around 30 weddings per year.
  • Just under a quarter (20%) of responders sell 80 to 100 buttonholes per year, and the same proportion sell 200 to 500 per year.
  • 10% of responders sell more than 500 buttonholes per year.


How many corsages do they sell per year?

  • The largest proportion of responders (23%) sell 30 to 50 corsages per year. This then drops to just 10 to 25 corsages per year, sold by 18% of responders.
  • 10% of responders sell 200 to 500 corsages per year.



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July 7th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Come Dine with Me – Wedding Theme

I was watching Come Dine with me a couple of weeks ago and happend to notice that for the wedding themed evening all the ladies just so happend to be wearing Wrist Corsages and the Gentleman was wearing a Buttonhole. Although they were only basic it’s still great to see them being thought of. See for yourself

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