August 6th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

5 Great Wedding Corsage Ideas

1. Modern Vintage inĀ  Silver

This beautiful corsage was designed using the following:

  • Corsage Creations Modern Vintage in silver
  • White Eustoma (Lisianthus)
  • Blue hyacinth florest
  • White wax flower
  • Ivy Foliage
  • Variegated china grass

2. Cupid in Silver

This simple but elegant corsage can be created using the following:

  • Corsage Creations Cupid in silver
  • Phalaenopsis (Moth)
  • Orchid
  • Organzer for support
  • Black pearls

3. Enchanted Cuff in White

This corsage is the perfect finishing touch to that wedding dress all you need is:

  • Corsage Creations Enchanted Cuff in White
  • Spray Rose
  • Larkspur Florets in white
  • Pearls on a silver wire
  • Variegated china grass

4. Empress in Cream with a Dragonfly Buckle

Add more bling to your corsage by putting a Buckle in the centre of the flower, all you need isto make this is:

5. Sparkling Treasure in Silver with a Rose Buckle

Add a Rose Buckle to the centre of your corsage to make it extra special. To make this all you need is: