August 29th, 2014

5 New Wedding Designs

Weddings, especially at this time of year, can be a florist’s bread and butter. These clips demonstrate key designs; some essential for nuptials of any kind and others great for the discerning bride with an eye for style. Each one perfect as a starting point for you to let your creativity (plus the bride’s wishes) run wild.

We have created this brand new selection which shows just how easy it is to use their products as a base for your design work.

Learn how to create those all-important wrist corsages and chair-backs in minimal time and add a floral sceptre to your listings to pick up extra sales whilst exciting the flower girls. You can finally get around to having a go at a brooch bouquet, and learn the fastest method for making the hottest wedding accessory around: the floral headband.

Wedding Chair Back Design

This quick and easy chair-back design will add oomph to any ceremony setting in need of a quick pick-me-up. Choose any piece from the Corsage Creations pull-bow range as a base for your gorgeous floral designs or simply use them as stand-alone décor.

Wedding Chair Back

Belle Wedding Pull Bow

Oasis Floral Adhesive

3x Bridal Gladioli

1x Mini Fantasia Anthurium

3x Stems of Million Star Gypsophila

4x China Grass stems


Heart and Soul Sceptre

All of those pretty-as-a-princess flower girls will jump at the chance to clutch their own magical sceptre whilst walking down the aisle. Let them shine as the second-to-centre of attention by creating a sceptre to remember.

Heart & Soul Sceptre


Heart & Soul Sceptre

Heartbeat Chain

Flutters Feathers

Metallic Wire

Oasis Floral Adhesive

3x White Muscari Stems

4x Pink Spray Roses, Kalanchoe Florets

2x Mini Cymbidium Orchids

Roll of Organza


The Brooch Bouquet

Brooch bouquets are an enchanting alternative to the cut flower head-to-head wedding bouquet. Perfect for those having their second wedding or quirky brides keen to go against the grain. We don’t foresee this trend dying down any time soon, so if you haven’t had a play with an armature yet… why not?! It’s your blank slate, an essential piece of equipment for forward-thinking creativity, and no one said you can’t include fresh flowers as well!



The Brooch Bouquet


50 Brooch Pins (used here: Centre of Attention, Beaming Pearl, Pearl Sunrise, Sparkling Heirloom, Treasure Chest, Dragonfly Pin, Truffle and Cupcake)

1x Amazing Bouquet Armature

Amazing Wraps

Metallic Wire

Roll of Organza


The Floral Headband

Headdresses, hairclips, headbands, fascinators, dainty accessories… anything floral and attached to the head is a winner in our book. We love that the floral headdress trend has snowballed so much. Regularly pictured in bridal magazines and wedding blogs they’re a brilliant way to add a little extra to that wedding sale, plus they’re so much fun to design and make!


The Floral Headband


Kyra Headband

Metallic Wire

Amazing Wraps River of Diamonds

Button Ivy Leaves

Foam Handle

Oasis Floral Adhesive

2x Daisy Chrysanthemums

2x Pieces of Sempervivum

2x Hydrangea Buds

2x Pieces of China Grass


The Wrist Corsage

Wrist corsages are a basic essential on a wedding order. We’re sure you all know how to make them in a whizz, but how creative are yours? The Corsage Creations range of wristlets make the corsage-making process so much more fun. Simply pick the perfect style, each one specially designed so that you can customise it far more than you could with basic wires and ribbon.


The Wrist Corsage


Looking Glass Corsage Bracelet

Kara’s Kisses

Rhinestone Quintets

Cloud 9 Feather Accent

2x Phaleanopsis Orchids

August 20th, 2014 jamesdouthwaite

How to create a gorgeous Flowergirl design

In this short video we will show you how to make a gorgeous design perfect for a flowergirl using our Heart and Soul Wand:

To make this design you will need:

Heart & Soul Scepter (HS1403)

Heartbeat Chain (HB1407s)

Flutters feathers (FL1212)

Metallic Wire (MW1307)

Oasis Floral Adhesive (FA1754)

3 x White Muscari Stems

4 x Pink Spray Roses

1 x Kalanchoe Floret

2 x Mini Cymbidium Orchids,

1 x Roll of Organza