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10 reasons to incorporate animals into floral designs

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Animals – from ceramic figures to animal print patterns and living things to life-sized models – according to a host of magazines, bloggers and influencers, are officially in vogue. Cropping up in all sorts of unexpected places, they’re decking the shelves of the coolest stores and gracing the feeds of the most on-trend Instagrammers. Here at Corsage Creations, we do try to help you stay on top of the trends, so take advantage with our brand-new range of bugs, birds and butterflies.

We did a little digging to prove it’s not just us working wildlife to the max, so check out our list of trend insights on all things animal, then share them with your customers and shop our new lines which include faux blue tits and thrush, ladybird pegs and stickers and feather butterflies which come in a wide range of colours and glittered varieties.


Quirky animal sundries were all the rage at a recent flower industry trade fair

Eva Olbrich, Show Director of Christmasworld and Floradecora, leading international trend-predicting trade fairs, commented, “We saw a real surge in unusual, surprising ideas at this year’s show. Quirky sundries and decorations were a huge hit… and exhibitors showcased a wide range of animals of all kinds.”


ladybirds animal corsage creations florist flowers ladybirds butterflies faux feathered birds sundries


Channel the chicest luxury lampshades

Designed in France by Mathieu Challieres, the La Volière Pendant Lamp range has become a luxury lampshade icon. Described as “aviary-inspired pieces of art as a light form… Handmade in Paris, this playful quaint piece has been individually crafted by hand with intricate copper wire, while elegant decorative birds, made with real hand-dyed goose feathers, perch within the shade.” They’re not cheap at around £600 for a full shade, but you can offer brides, grooms and event customers your own floral take on Mr Challieres’ design with our faux feathered blue tit and thrush.

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Animal print never goes out of fashion – but it is really big right now

According to Morgan C. Schimmingera at The Fashion Spot, “Over the past two seasons, designers have fallen back in love with everything from tigers to zebras and even snakes. The recent Fall 2018 collections were packed with animal prints.”


Save the butterflies

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the perilous fate facing the friendly bumblebee and butterfly, so seeds and plants that produce bug-friendly flowers are growing in popularity. A little floral philanthropy goes hand-in-hand with memorable marketing, so why not offer a range of product designs that donate to support the conservation of bees or butterflies and use our brand-new range of ladybird stickers and pegs or feathered and glittered butterflies, available in a whole host of colours.


butterflies animal corsage creations florist flowers ladybirds butterflies faux feathered birds sundries



Llamas are the ‘new unicorns’ – and they are genuinely a new wedding trend

According the Guardian, “the South American camelid is this season’s must-have animal adornment,” in a fashion report quoting llama shower curtains and doormats as must-haves. While that might have been tongue-in-cheek, the company now offering real life llamas for hire for wedding photos is real, and also making the papers.



As are life-size hanging model giraffes 

Aynhoe Park, an estate and country house in Oxfordshire, is no ordinary wedding venue. Packed to the rafters with curiosities, there’s a surprise behind every corner and in its orangery is a life-sized giraffe that hangs from the ceiling, usually strung with helium balloons to give that ‘lifted’ look. We started spotting the eye-catching creature on various florist Instagram feeds and realised it’s part and parcel of the venue, floating among the floral displays and always making a show-stopping prop for photographs.  




Playful animal figures are everywhere

Often plastic, usually brightly coloured and sometimes simply children’s toys, animal figurines can be found in styled photoshoots, hip homeware shops and Etsy stores everywhere. Dinosaurs and giraffes are particularly popular, and they’re a big trend in the houseplant world where they’re found repurposed into containers for mini cacti and succulents. Prestigious London florist Pulbrook & Gould created an entire safari wreath with them at Christmas.



Inviting pets to weddings is now a thing

In a recent trend report, Brides magazine said, “According to Etsy, 8 percent of weddings in 2016 featured appearances of the newlyweds’ animal counterparts, and this stat will most likely continue to increase.”  


Animal ceramics are all over florist Instagram feeds

From ceramic pugs sitting atop tables to wall-hanging tiger heads, we’re spotting vintage-style animal-shaped ceramic vases appearing on many UK florist feeds including London’s popular Grace & Thorn, and of course all with beautiful flowers and plants displayed in each.  



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Taxidermy is now on-trend (at least in East London)

It’s definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, but a wave of taxidermy workshops has begun hitting some of London’s coolest spots. As East London Lines magazine puts it, “The art of preserving and stuffing dead animals has everything east London needs to secure its reputation as a hipster haven: kitsch, irony, randomness, a vintage feel, and a slight air of sophistication… It’s not just a Hackney phenomenon. Urban Outfitters sells cardboard deer heads, and Juicy Couture recently bought a woodland of antelope, deer and elk heads to decorate their stores.”

Don’t fancy trying DIY taxidermy? Us neither. Do it the easy way with our faux feathered birds.


birds animal corsage creations florist flowers ladybirds butterflies faux feathered birds sundries