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10 things you didn’t know about rose gold: the perfect floral accompaniment


As the rose gold trend continues to shimmer across all kinds of industry and still with serious celebrity backing, here at Corsage Creations we knew we had to lead the way in rose gold floral accessories for the 2018 wedding season. To ignite your inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known facts about the special metal, and to make sure it’s insanely easy to incorporate into your designs we’ve added a rose gold option to a large number of our most popular product lines.

See the full rose gold selection here, which includes brooches like favourites Heirloom and Aurora, as well as our chair backs, amazing wrapsdiamante branches and rhinestone quintetspearl sprays and loops, plus buttonholescorsage bracelets and our gleaming and lacey leaves.




1. With flowers, it’s perfectly paired with pale pinks and serenity blues

While there are a million colour combinations to be made, rose gold accessories are particularly striking when paired with pale pink blooms, naturally. Think Sweet Akito roses, Pink Lollypop hydrangea and Fantasy snowberries. Head down the vintage route with an Antigua or Babylon carnation and you’ll find your rose gold accessories will draw-out that antique appearance.

If you’re looking for contrast, be led by Pantone. Their colour experts paired ‘Rose Quartz’ (a pale pink) with ‘Serenity’ (a cool blue) to create 2016’s Colour of the Year, so opt for a similar serene shade of blue to follow suit. Delphinium, nigella and scabiousa make the perfect choice for summer, while muscari looks sweet in spring and there’s a huge selection of cool blue hydrangea varieties, including Blue Lollypop.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the rose gold aspect, so scour the range at Corsage Creations where you’ll find a whole host of pins, picks, brooches, stickers, corsage bracelets, buttonholes and more; all designed for pairing with flowers.



2. Its Russian history

In nineteenth-century Russia, Carl Fabergé (of Fabergé egg fame) brought the luxury metal to public attention when he opted to blend yellow gold with copper to create an alchemic, blush-toned hybrid, originally called ‘Russian gold’, but very similar to the rosy shade we see today.

faberge egg russian history floristry flowers rose gold accessories wedding flowers florist


3. Its (even earlier) ancient Colombian history

Researchers found that Colombia’s Nahuange people, who lived during the first millennium AD, were capable of making impure gold appear more valuable by giving it a rosy sheen. After studying 44 pinkish metal artefacts including nose pendants, necklaces, earrings, belts, and bracelets, experts discovered that they often intentionally over-polished, refined and burnished their gold products to reveal pink and orange tones underneath, creating fashionable rose-gold jewellery.


4. It became an icon with Cartier

It returned to the spotlight around the 1920ѕ when Cаrtіеr launched their Trinity ring. It may be almost a century old, but the Trinity ring remains one of Cartier’s most iconic creations. In the jewellery world it’s a cult classic and comprises of three bands of gold in shades of grey, yellow and of course, rose.


5. Pantone gave it the nod

It’s commonly known that the famous paint company’s trend predictions almost always come true, with their Colour of the Year consistently infiltrating all sorts of industries for years after it is announced. Rose gold was given official permission to shine in 2016 when Pantone cited it as one half of its first duo Colour of the Year, named Rose Quartz & Serenity.

“It’s hard to dislike a colour that you will naturally look good in,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, told Allure. “With pink and any of the rose colours, whether used in a ring, a piece of jewellery, or something you wear around the face, it throws this wonderful glow onto the skin.”  

  pantone floristry flowers rose gold accessories wedding flowers florist  

6. As did Apple

Not just a tech company, Apple is widely recognised for pushing boundaries in trends and stylish product design, developed to clothe its ground-breaking technology. And while it didn’t invent rose gold gadgets (Wired tell us Samsung did that with its Galaxy Note 3 in 2013), Apple did make them mainstream with its iPhone 6s in 2015.    

phone tech floristry flowers rose gold accessories wedding flowers florist    


7. Vogue says: avoid using it everywhere at weddings

But DO use it to accessorise. In the magazine’s recent report named “wedding trend mistakes to avoid”, Mindy Weiss of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants says: “Don’t get me wrong, I love this elegant colour and it’s still very much in-demand right now. But going all-in with rose gold can make your wedding feel dated years later. Instead, opt for touches of rose gold throughout your wedding decor. It will make the colour pop and feel less overwhelming. Take it a step further by mixing other metallics as well.”        


8. It’s going to be 2018’s big engagement ring trend 

According to leading jewellery blog JewelryKind it will be this year’s top engagement ring choice for soon-to-be-weds, as demand is still sky-rocketing and it’s still regularly spotted on celebrities.    

engagement ring floristry flowers rose gold accessories wedding flowers florist anne edgarh    


9.It’s a huge current hair trend

The shade of hair dye, which goes by an interesting mix of names from ‘buttered rose gold’ to ‘rose brown’, is all over beauty blogs and magazines right now. Experts at L’Oreal Paris and Wella Professional have given their seal of approval while even Kim Kardashian has dabbled with it too. 


10. It can be found everywhere (even in plumbing)

And finally, just to name a few more places it’s appeared: Northstar Balloons said it was their most popular line in 2017, it’s a trend spotted in plumbing fixtures (according to top US interior designer Danny Russo), Ferrari has made a rose gold car, it’s sprinkled on wedding cakes, all over interior accessories, lining fabrics, it’s taking over technology, oh and of course it’s one of the biggest new lines at Corsage Creations.

balloons floristry flowers rose gold accessories wedding flowers florist jon tyson

September 26th, 2016 jamesdouthwaite

Floral Headdress & Hairpiece Designs

Popularity of the flower crown isn’t fading any time soon; increasingly sought after for weddings and events; parties, festivals, even christenings or birthdays, and we’ve seen a surge in florist workshops across the country, where guests learn the art of floral headwear.

Letterbox service Bloom & Wild held a sell-out flower crown pop-up in central Shoreditch, meanwhile Blue Sky Flowers, based at New Covent Garden Market, are preparing to celebrate National Flower Crown Day on 23rd September.

We love our lines in glitz and bling, there’s an array of silver and diamante pieces, like this Accent hair clip and Willow headband. Every item comes with a plastic attachment for cold-gluing flowers.







Plus our accessories allow florist freedom and creativity, for example this diamante wire has been twisted into a headdress with delicate yellow flower heads. You’ll also find clear hair combs, a clear plastic and plain silver head band for fully flowered pieces, plus hair pins for finishing touches.




For extra detailed head wear, check out the Imagination and Luxurious Head pieces, both have a 1940’s feel, as does the Gatsby Lace headband which comes in cream and would work well with ever-popular lace bridal gowns.




But it’s not all bling and glitz. We also offer a range of festival style headbands. Available in a variety of colours and styles, these make natural-looking flower crowns a million times easier because you simply have to wire onto a pre-made head piece, giving you the freedom to create crowns as big or as dainty as you please.







All Corsage Creations pieces are created with florists in mind, so you’re offered ease and flexibility with your products, with a focus on where you’ll place flowers.





Designers: Jens Jakobsen, Philip Holley, Katie-Jane Pridmore

August 29th, 2014

5 New Wedding Designs

Weddings, especially at this time of year, can be a florist’s bread and butter. These clips demonstrate key designs; some essential for nuptials of any kind and others great for the discerning bride with an eye for style. Each one perfect as a starting point for you to let your creativity (plus the bride’s wishes) run wild.

We have created this brand new selection which shows just how easy it is to use their products as a base for your design work.

Learn how to create those all-important wrist corsages and chair-backs in minimal time and add a floral sceptre to your listings to pick up extra sales whilst exciting the flower girls. You can finally get around to having a go at a brooch bouquet, and learn the fastest method for making the hottest wedding accessory around: the floral headband.

Wedding Chair Back Design

This quick and easy chair-back design will add oomph to any ceremony setting in need of a quick pick-me-up. Choose any piece from the Corsage Creations pull-bow range as a base for your gorgeous floral designs or simply use them as stand-alone décor.

Wedding Chair Back

Belle Wedding Pull Bow

Oasis Floral Adhesive

3x Bridal Gladioli

1x Mini Fantasia Anthurium

3x Stems of Million Star Gypsophila

4x China Grass stems


Heart and Soul Sceptre

All of those pretty-as-a-princess flower girls will jump at the chance to clutch their own magical sceptre whilst walking down the aisle. Let them shine as the second-to-centre of attention by creating a sceptre to remember.

Heart & Soul Sceptre


Heart & Soul Sceptre

Heartbeat Chain

Flutters Feathers

Metallic Wire

Oasis Floral Adhesive

3x White Muscari Stems

4x Pink Spray Roses, Kalanchoe Florets

2x Mini Cymbidium Orchids

Roll of Organza


The Brooch Bouquet

Brooch bouquets are an enchanting alternative to the cut flower head-to-head wedding bouquet. Perfect for those having their second wedding or quirky brides keen to go against the grain. We don’t foresee this trend dying down any time soon, so if you haven’t had a play with an armature yet… why not?! It’s your blank slate, an essential piece of equipment for forward-thinking creativity, and no one said you can’t include fresh flowers as well!



The Brooch Bouquet


50 Brooch Pins (used here: Centre of Attention, Beaming Pearl, Pearl Sunrise, Sparkling Heirloom, Treasure Chest, Dragonfly Pin, Truffle and Cupcake)

1x Amazing Bouquet Armature

Amazing Wraps

Metallic Wire

Roll of Organza


The Floral Headband

Headdresses, hairclips, headbands, fascinators, dainty accessories… anything floral and attached to the head is a winner in our book. We love that the floral headdress trend has snowballed so much. Regularly pictured in bridal magazines and wedding blogs they’re a brilliant way to add a little extra to that wedding sale, plus they’re so much fun to design and make!


The Floral Headband


Kyra Headband

Metallic Wire

Amazing Wraps River of Diamonds

Button Ivy Leaves

Foam Handle

Oasis Floral Adhesive

2x Daisy Chrysanthemums

2x Pieces of Sempervivum

2x Hydrangea Buds

2x Pieces of China Grass


The Wrist Corsage

Wrist corsages are a basic essential on a wedding order. We’re sure you all know how to make them in a whizz, but how creative are yours? The Corsage Creations range of wristlets make the corsage-making process so much more fun. Simply pick the perfect style, each one specially designed so that you can customise it far more than you could with basic wires and ribbon.


The Wrist Corsage


Looking Glass Corsage Bracelet

Kara’s Kisses

Rhinestone Quintets

Cloud 9 Feather Accent

2x Phaleanopsis Orchids

July 17th, 2014 jamesdouthwaite

Designs To Make You Stand Out

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so who’s to say that floral designs are any different?

Wedding trends chop and change constantly; brides will no longer settle for the same old roundy-moundy when there are so many millions of unusual and innovative ideas out there.

One way to make sure your work stands out is to accessorise; Vogue tells us a statement necklace will jazz up an outfit and take you from day to night even if teamed with the blandest of clothes… so surely a vintage pearl pin or dazzling diamante pick could give even the plainest of filler flowers enough life to become the belle of the ball.

With an ounce of style, a pinch of bling, and a sprinkle of sparkle, Corsage Creations show us how it’s done…

This versatile design can be made as a groom or prom-goer’s buttonhole or as a handbag corsage. The Monstera Leaf attachment promises a firm hold so that it can be marketed to suit all kinds of customers.



Monstera Leaf Buttonhole Holder with magnets
Bling it on stickers
Oasis Floral Adhesive
• Spray roses
• Kalanchoe florets
• Bear grass stems

Use the adhesive to stick bear grass strips onto a Monstera Leaf Buttonhole Holder. Glue spray roses at opposite ends of the Monstera Leaf, then glue the Kalanchoe florets into the centre of the design. Finally, stick the self-adhesive Bling it on stickers onto the bear grass.

This Jasmine Flower Girl Basket is sweet and sparkly enough to be adored by little ones, and complete with a bunch of fresh blooms it’s pretty enough for any bride’s aisle.


1 recipe-1-tulips-flower-girl-basket2 recipe-organza-flower-girl-basket3 recipe-finished flower-girl-basket

Jasmine Flower Girl Basket
Monogram letters
• Roll of cellophane
• 15x tulips
• Block of floral foam
• Roll of organza

First, line the Jasmine basket with cellophane and place the pre-soaked and trimmed block of foam inside. Then add the tulips, starting from the centre and working outwards. Fill in any gaps between the tulips by pushing in pieces of organza. Once all the gaps are filled, add the monogram letters to finish off the design.

We’re not sure that lace will ever go out of fashion, so keep up with the trends by incorporating it into your floristry. This lace frill can be used to add a vintage touch to posies of all styles and sizes.

Recipe#3   –   WEDDING POSY


Lace frill
3x Sparkling Heirloom brooch pins
1x Centre of Attention brooch pin
Oasis Floral Adhesive
• 2x stems of spray roses
• Roll of organza

Fold the lace edge back on itself and glue, using the Oasis Floral Adhesive, to the plastic base of the frill, ensuring the plastic is fully covered. Insert the first stem of roses into the frill, then add the second stem, and continue working outwards until you’re happy with the shape of the posy. Next, assemble the brooch pins and insert them into the design. Wrap the organza around the rose stems so they are fully covered and then glue to secure.

The Lotus Wand by Corsage Creations makes the perfect alternative to a bouquet for younger ‘maids – and brides are sure to be showered with affection after offering little ones the chance to be a flower fairy for the day.

Recipe #4   –   A WONDERLAND WAND


Lotus Wand – Silver
Wired Dazzle Line – Silver
Kara’s Kisses – Delightful
• Assorted flowers
Oasis Floral Adhesive

Pre-soak hydrangea florets and dip them in a puddle of glue before padding them into the base of the wand. Cut the rest of the flowers short at the stem, dip them into the glue puddle and insert them into hydrangea. Next, insert Kara’s Kisses into the rose heads. Finally, take the Dazzle Line, attach it to the end of the wand and bind it around the edge to suit the design.

Everyone loves an orchid, especially one which can be worn on the wrist complete with feathers and sparkles – this elegant corsage design is one of our all time favourites.



• 2x Cymbidium Orchids
• 1x White Cloud 9 Feather Accent
• 3x Silver Kara’s Kisses
• 1x Hailie wrist corsage bracelet
Oasis Floral Adhesive

Squeeze yourself a puddle of glue onto a tray, ceramic tile, or something similar to keep your work surface from getting messy and sticky. Take the Cloud 9 and dip the base into the glue, hold it for a couple of seconds to allow it to become tacky, then attach it to the plastic attachment of the bracelet. Stick the flowers to the Cloud 9 accent using the same method, ensuring you cut the stems as close to the head as possible, and cover the whole surface of the cut stem end to preserve moisture. Insert Kara’s Kisses and other add-ons to taste.

June 6th, 2014 jamesdouthwaite

How To Make Wire Frames For Corsages

In this short video we show you how to make wire frames for wrist corsages using metallic wire:

To make this design you will need the following:

Metallic Wire or Skinny Wire

A selection of orchid tubes and varying sized sticks

April 4th, 2014 jamesdouthwaite

Wiring vs Gluing… Which team are you on?


Our NEW 2014 range is now available and packed full of tons of brand new tools to make those wrist corsages and buttonholes as simple and stylish as possible. (Read on for a ‘how to glue a corsage’ guide and tips from other florists)

Plus it’ll soon be time to start promo for the proms and wedding season is once again on the horizon, when Corsage Creations’ ready-made wristlets will come in super-handy.

So preparation for summer is well under-way, but there’s still one question on everyone’s lips… how do you make yours?

On the blue team we have the gluers… their squeeze-it, leave-it, stick-it strategy has gained lots of popularity due to its ease and flexibility, but it’s left a number of florists gawping in disbelief.

Why? Well on the red team we have the wirers… many of whom are extensively trained florists who believe it’s their way or the high way.

Here’s what they have to say…

FYI – these are all real florists’ own opinions, not ours, there’s no definitive right or wrong method!


…And it looks like we have a winner!

Fiddly wiring just doesn’t seem to cut it in competition with the ease of gluing. Of course there is no real right or wrong, so do add your comments below if you think a point has been missed. Corsage Creations wristlets can be used with both wire and glue (or both at the same time!), so whichever team you’re on, you can still use the most popular florist accessory around.

New to Glue?


Here’s how… A go-to guide for how to make a corsage using Corsage Creations wristlets:

• Once you’ve opened your tube of glue, use an oily substance like Leaf Shine, oil, or hand cream on the nozzle and cap to prevent the glue building-up. Plus if you rub some on your hands it’ll be easier to remove glue from them afterwards.

• Use pliers to squeeze the nozzle to an oval as this makes the glue flow more controllable.

• Use a piece of plastic, ceramic tile, non-stick tray or something similar as your work-surface to squeeze the glue onto. This will keep your work-area tidy and also means your glue puddle is ready for the next use.

• Only use a small amount of glue at a time as it dries out very quickly, but add fresh glue to the puddle to make it all reconstitute leaving you with less waste.


• Decide which gluing method will work best for each design: 1) Dip directly into glue puddle, 2) Glue straight onto the surfaces that you’re sticking

• Cover the whole of cut stem ends with glue to preserve moisture within the flower.

• Glue sticks to glue, so be sure to have glue on both surfaces.

• Cold glue sticks best once it’s slightly dried and tacky – so count to ten before attaching.

• Flowers must reach room temperature before gluing or the condensation will not allow the glue to set securely.

• Let corsages rest for 10-12 minutes to allow glue to dry and set before spraying or sealing in protective packaging or placing in refrigeration. The glue will not continue to dry once it’s been placed in the humidity of the cooler.


• Save a few of the tube lids when the tubes are empty, to replace lost ones!

• Store glue with the lid tightly sealed. If the top does get lost, insert a corsage pin into the nozzle to seal it until the next use.

• OASIS Floral Adhesive seems to be the most popular brand of cold glue, but if you can’t get hold of that or you’d prefer a pot to a tube, then Elmer’s Rubber Cement is florist-recommended! You may have to hunt for it on eBay or Amazon though.

• The plastic attachment on Corsage Creations wristlets and accessories is specifically made for attaching flowers with glue. For an even more secure hold, score the plastic with a knife to create a rough surface that will allow an even stronger stick.



Here are some corsage-making tips, tricks and advice from florists, for florists:


Watch our tutorial videos.” (Just search ‘Corsage Creations’ in YouTube or visit and you’ll find a bunch by popular florist Rob Wallace)

“Use cold glue not pan hot glue… flowers are likely to pop off if you use hot glue”

“Make sure your piece is completely dry before refrigeration”

“Attach your greenery using a wire in order to blend and place in position properly, then glue the smaller, more delicate flowers in place”

“You must apply glue to both surfaces and wait for it to become tacky… really tacky… before attaching flower”



“You don’t want any stem left on the bloom before sticking”

“Practise makes perfect… the first couple of tries may take way longer than if you’d wired, but once you learn a system that works for you and utilises the waiting time it’s fine”

“Sometimes it’s better to wire heavier flowers but glue the rest”

“Use the glue to add detail to different areas of a design”

“Make all your bows and glue them on to the wristlets days or weeks ahead of time, then just glue in the flowers when you get the orders”

If you’re feeling inspired by all this talk of gluing, visit to get hold of those essential corsage accessories.

For more useful ideas visit

Written by Hannah Dunne

December 18th, 2013 jamesdouthwaite

Add some to sparkle to your hand tied bridal bouquets

In this design video Rob will demonstrate a quick and easy way to add sparkle and shape to your hand tied bridal bouquets:

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

Rhinestone Romance Bouquet Collar – Silver (RR1203)

Treasure Chest Brooch Pin – Silver and Cream (TC1412)

Centre of Attention Brooch Pin – Silver (CR1403)


October 1st, 2012 jamesdouthwaite

Create This Simply Elegant Design

This design video will show you how to make a wrist corsage using our Simple Elegance Bracelet in Pink:

Simples Elegance Bracelet – Pink

Kara’s Kisses – Waterfall

Amazing Wraps – River of Diamonds

Flowing Willow Leaves – Silver

Wired Dazzle Line – Silver

Chincherinchee Florets

Kalanchoe Florets

3 x Soft Ruscus Leaves

2 x Spray Roses

Oasis Floral Adhesive


September 7th, 2012 jamesdouthwaite

Create An Exciting Headband

In this design video we create an impressive headband corsage design using our Excitement Headband in 3 minutes:

All you need to create this is:

Excitement Headband – Silver

Dazzling Dots – Silver

Kara’s Kisses – Infinity

Amazing Wraps – River of Diamonds

5 x China Grass

1 x Phalaenopsis orchid

Oasis Floral Adhesive

August 24th, 2012 jamesdouthwaite

A Quick and Easy Buttonhole and Handbag Design

In this design video we show you how to make a great buttonhole for the groom that is easily transformed into a gorgeous handbag corsage using the Pipezz Buttonhole Holder:

To Create this all you need is:

Pipezz Buttonhole Holder – Silver

Gleaming Leaves – Silver

Kara’s Kisses – Waterfall (Optional)

2 x White Spray Roses

Million Star Gypsophila

Oasis Floral Adhesive