March 16th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Florists: Before Writing to the School Use this Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have ticked all the boxes before sending your letter to the school.

  • Find out when and where the prom is – be very well informed.
  • Is there a theme? Be aware of that theme.

  • Find out who is responsible for the Prom – is there a Prom committee.

  • Is there an After Prom event?

  • Who is the Teacher in charge/ Head of Year (11&13)

  • How often do they meet?

  • Who makes the final decision?

  • Either call or send your letter to the school Head, Head of Year (11&13), Prom committee or after Prom committee. The more people who see your letter the more people will be talking about the letter and therefore your shop. One group may not be interested, but then one of the groups may be interested in supporting your visits to the school.

  • Do not just wait for them to call you. Plan adequate time for your letter to be seen and read, and then start making follow up calls yourself. It is in your best interest.

  • Try to schedule more than just one day to visit the school to allow for those who did not plan or did not bring their money.

  • Customize your approach by school. If the band or football team are important in your area, find students to be your ambassadors. Use the same strategy with any other groups which are important within the school.

Download: Checklist for writing to the school (Microsoft word format)