March 17th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Florists: How to get New Customers

An important lesson to get your business to thrive is always looking for new customers.

Do you have a shrinking customer base, by no fault of your own? People move, switch supplier/florist and even pass away. To continue to grow your business successfully, you must constantly be in search of new customers. Here are a few simple ways to attract Prom and Wedding customers. As always, please visit us at for more detailed instructions and other unique marketing ideas.

How to find new customers:

1. Your customers are out there, you just have to take the first step by going out the front door to get them. Don’t just stay in your four walls.

2. Give them a reason to come to you.  Know the styles and dresses that your customers will want and have them on display in your store.

3. Go where the customers will be. We all know the girl needs a dress, and the boy needs a tux, so make friends with those business owners in your area.

Host or find an event that allows your customers to visit many or all their Prom and Wedding needs at once.

What are the future possible sales from one Happy Prom customer?

Here is a synopsis of what this new customer would be worth to you:

  • 1st Dance £50
  • 2nd Dance £50
  • Wedding £500
  • 30 Anniversaries @ £30 = £900
  • 30 years of Birthdays 4 people =£4500
  • 30 years of Sympathy, Get Well, and Just Because= £4500

Total from one “high school girl”:£10,500

These are just a few ideas of how to bring your young and new customers into your business. Visit us at for a more detailed look at this and other marketing ideas for the Prom season.

Wishing you a successful and profitable Prom!!!