March 17th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Florists: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

A great lesson that many business people have shared with me is “Plan your work and work your plan”. This sounds easy, but the hardest part is to create the timeline that goes.

along with the plan. Here are key points that you will want to do for a successful Prom season.

Check the dates for your Proms. Do it today.

Download the “Checklist for Success” from to customize a checklist for your store. It is in the marketing section.

Know who is in charge of the decision making. Make sure that you know who will be your key contact person for all their Prom needs.

Send letters to all the members of the Prom committee and also the Head Teachers for Yr11 and Yr13. This makes sure your message is seen.

Plan your events. Schedule an open house, design show, or other event to promote your business. Make sure you give your customers enough time to order what they will need. Many successful companies make sure they are well ahead of the timeline, some even starting Prom events in November.

Know what you will carry. Research the “local scene” for what will be popular this year. Make sure you are not carrying last years look for this year’s customer.

Know your pricing. Make sure all your sales team is able to have an educated conversation with all their customers.

Contact last year’s customers. By doing so, not only will you make sure you do not lose the order, but you will also show them that they matter to you and your business.

Train your sales staff. Make sure they have a working knowledge of the products available in both hard goods and fresh.

These are just a few keys to a successful Prom season. For more information, please visit us at