March 17th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Florists: Remember your add-ons!

Add ons are a great way to boost your income, here is how to use them.

Growing up in a flower shop, one thing I was always responsible for was making sure we had plenty of balloons blown up on Valentines’ Day and Mothers’ Day. We always loved the add on sales. This additional income can also be generated from your Prom and Wedding sales, and in more than one way. Here are a few suggestions:

Have your Corsage Creation bracelets on display and sell the bracelet first. Girls know pretty jewellery when they see it. They will look at the bracelet as a necessary accessory for themselves. The most successful selling technique is to sell the bracelet first as an accessory. After the customer has picked out their bracelet, then begin adding floral and additional items to the design.

Display additional items to add to the design., such as Kara’s Kisses. Have the prices clearly marked for the girls. This will increase your average sale. A funny thing also happens, once you total the design up, it may be more than they planned to spend, but when you ask them what they want to take out, you’ll generally get the response, “Nothing, it will be pretty with everything.”

Sell a wrapped rose to every corsage order. Some shops include this in the price as a way to “make themselves special”. I always tell the boys to give the corsage to their date, then tell the mother of the date, “And this is for you. Thank you for allowing me to take your daughter to the Prom.” Wait and see what the reactions are from this idea!!!

Remembering that add on sales for Prom and Wedding is a great way to increase sales in your store, try just one of the above ideas and it will increase your business, make you a sales leader, and will be received as a customer service, not a pushy sales tactic.

Wising you successful Prom and Wedding seasons!!!