March 17th, 2010 jamesdouthwaite

Florists: Don’t Forget In-store displays

The most successful people in the Prom and Wedding trade not only take orders, but they embrace their customers. The best and probably the simplest, but often forgotten tool, is an in store display. By creating a small in store display you say to the customer “Please come in. We not only want your business, we specialize in it.”

An in store display is a very easy thing to do. Start with what you already have. Create unique designs with silk and permanent flowers already in your store. This not only gives the customer a visual reference of their choices, but  also gets my own creative juices flowing for the Wedding and Prom seasons. You also should have the current Prom and Wedding magazines for reference. This again emphasizes that your customers are important to you, but also is a useful tool to help focus your customer. During the sale, take cues from the customer if their dress is in the latest fashion magazine. You can begin to see a price point for them once they show you their dress. The reference of the dress design will also allow you to suggest add on “garnish” to the design they create.

Utilize the “lost” corner of the shop, the place that just does not have anything in it after taking down Mother’s Day and Valentines’ Day. Utilize your connections with local dress and tuxedo companies and have the current fashions of each on display. Have swatches of current trend colors. The easiest way to sell Prom and Wedding designs is to have a pricing grid, and this should be located in the sales area. Also, do not forget the “add on” items for the designs such as Kara’ Kisses.

By creating this area in your shop, not only does it invite your customers to order, but it gives you a place to take their order and frees up the counter for daily shop sales. Giving them a special place will mean a lot to them, and better sales for you.

Wishing you successful Prom and Wedding seasons.